Friday, May 24, 2013


A few weeks ago (while it was still a bit chilly out) I headed down to visit my family and take some shots of my beautiful niece!  The day was overcast and cold, but Angelina handled it like a pro and stuck it out with a smile as beautiful as ever.  I am so blessed to know this young woman and can't believe how grown up she is already!  I think there may be modeling in her future!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


This week I have hit my 24th week of pregnancy, which is still completely unbelievable to me at this point!  I think I am still in shock that I have been blessed this greatly!  I feel so different yet at the same time I feel like nothing has changed.  I have been extremely fortunate during this pregnancy to only have a very limited amount of pregnancy symptoms.  I have had no morning sickness, and only a few aches/ pains/ and leg cramps here and there.  This is why I feel like nothing has changed, I don't FEEL pregnant, but the growing bump under my shirt is hard to deny!  Even when I look at pictures of myself, I don't feel as big as I look in the pictures, but it does make me excited to see my growth progress knowing that little Fenna Mae is packing on the weight!
One thing that has changed is that my nesting instincts have kicked in already!  I have been cleaning and crafting for the baby's room these past few weeks like no body's business!  I will definitely share a post on the room once it is complete - I have found some of the cutest little things to incorporate!  For now, I just wanted to document the growing baby bump so I have this time frozen forever that I can go back to remember my first pregnancy and what a blessing it has been!

                                                                        12 Weeks:

16 Weeks:

20 Weeks:

                                                                        24 Weeks: