Friday, August 21, 2015

McLeay: Family of FOUR!

Oh my goodness!  This sweet family of FOUR made me and my camera SO HAPPY last week!  The cuteness of their two little ones together is just off the carts!  Nikki is also a photographer, so she captured newborn photos of little Lydia, but I just had to offer to do a newborn lifestyle session and luckily for me, they were completely up for it!  I know how fast those first few weeks fly by and how fast little ones grow, so I believe it is SO important to capture those moments so they can be cherished forever!  McLeay Family, thank you so much for letting me invade your home to capture these images, I hope that you love them as much as I do!!

Sidenote: I chose to begin with the photo above because it is the best example EVER of #realisbetterthanperfect.  Life with a toddler is not always a cakewalk, I know this first hand (!!), and sometimes a popsicle is a necessity!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fenna Mae is TWO

I absolutely cannot believe that I am writing a post about my BABY turning TWO!  So unbelievable!  I have no idea where these past two years about flying by on a jet plane!  This little girl is such a JOY to our family.  She is SO smart and SO sweet!  She is always talking up a storm these days and loves to steal the toys that her little brother is playing with, of course!  She loves so many delicious and nutritious foods like avocado, tomato, cucumber and hummus!  Although, she definitely inherited my horrible eating habits and wants to eat ALL THE TIME!  She sleeps like a champ (hopefully her brother will learn that habit soon) and is always busy with something!  She loves to sing and twirl and run around like a crazy person.  I think she would be outdoors at all times if it was up to her!  We just love this little one so much and I am SO BLESSED to be able to be her Momma!  To celebrate her second birthday we had a little Watermelon Birthday Session, and I just love every one of these!  I feel like her little (BIG) personality comes through in all of these!