Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taylor Swift

Anyone who knows me knows I am a GINORMOUS T. Swift fan!  When Taylor came to Omaha a few years back, I missed the show and vowed that the next time she came back, I would not miss it!  So this time around I gathered a few friends and we bought awesome tickets for her show.  Now, I've heard that she is not great in person/concert, but I have to say after her show that I strongly disagree!  I loved every second of the show and thought she sounded amazing!  I would go again in a heartbeat!  I would love to say that Taylor Swift was the baby's first concert, but we did go to Maroon 5 a few weeks ago (which was also an awesome show!).  Although I couldn't take Canon with me into the show, I did take my lil point-and-shoot and actually captured a few good images!


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