Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone!  What an amazing weekend I have had with family and friends!  These days I believe the true meanings of holiday's gets lost in all of the ruckus of the decorations, traditions, and specific to Easter, bunnies.  That being said, I believe it is extraordinarily important to take the time out to reflect on the reason we have each holiday in the first place.  And when we think of this, it becomes evident that Easter may be one of the most exciting/important holiday's there are.  This is the day that Jesus was resurrected!  Jesus is alive!  WOW!  When you look at it like that, it kinda of makes every other day dim in do you compete with that!?!  This is a day to be thankful and humbled that the Creator of the universe loved each and every one of us enough to sacrifice his own Son so that we have the opportunity to live eternally with Him.  While this blows my mind!, I am also grateful for the excuse to spend time with my familia, and I do enjoy easter eggs and CANDY, of course!  Here is how I enjoyed spending my does your family celebrate?

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