Saturday, February 4, 2012

Goals: Photography

If I have not clarified this before, I am starting with a very basic knowledge of photography and almost no knowledge my digital camera.  Up until this point I have been shooting in auto mode, essentially using my amazing camera as just a basic point and shoot camera.  Considering all of the many things this camera can do, using it as just a point and shoot is a waste of money and it's functions.  To begin to rectify this situation, this morning I braved the unplowed roads (we got quite a bit of snow last night!) to attend my first ever photography class!  Now, I was not planning on taking photography classes, however, this one came free with the purchase of my camera (and being the procrastinator that I am, I just now got around to taking it, 3 months later!).  Boy, am I glad that I went.  I learned so much in the two hour time frame and I will shortly show you the first pictures I have ever taken in a mode other than auto!

Through this class I definitely received a basic knowledge of some photography lingo that I had previously researched and failed miserably at understanding.  Some of these terms include ISO, aperture, depth of field and white balance.  In addition, I have started learning to shoot in Shutter Priority (TV) and Aperture Priority (AV) mode.  The pictures I am posting below were shot in AV mode.  Obviously these modes will take time and a variety of situations to master, but I feel as though I am well on my way!  Now, my goal is to be able to shoot in Manual mode in any situations, and I am definitely headed in the right direction!  It seems as though the most important thing I can do from this point is to practice...practice...and then practice some more!  Which is definitely what I plan on doing!

Here are some shots I took after my class in which I set the ISO and white balance myself.

Also I bought Digital UV Filters for both of my lenses!  

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