Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yes, I will admit that I have been a slacker reguarding my blog the last few weeks, but I have a good excuse!  I started a new 8 to 5 job a couple of weeks ago and have been adjusting to my new schedule.  I feel as though I get home from work, hit the gym, have a little dinner and by that point I'm exhausted and ready for bed!  Obviously that does not leave much time for blogging or picture taking.  I need to refocus my energy.  Don't get me wrong, I like my new job and I am extremely grateful for it and do not want to take it for granted, but I don't LOVE it.  And since I want to do something that I LOVE I need to make sure it doesn't hinder me from following my dreams and doing what I do love.  Photography.

After my brief lapse of non photo taking, I went for a lovely visit to my parents home and brought Canon with!  And I was excited to start practicing again!  However, my excitement was very short lived when the first picture I took turned out like this:

                                                                       1/15   5.6

WOW!  Talk about failure!  And, yes, that is a picture of grass.  I was immideately struck with the realization that not practicing is not an option.  Not practicing produces images like this.  Images that I could never be proud of.  Hello, wake up call!  No one can make me into a photographer except for me, and my success or failure rests on my shoulders alone.

I quickly adjusted my settings and experimented a while more before reaching a setting that I was fairly satisfied with.  Luckily, my beautiful niece was around to model for me!  (So far no photos on my blog have been edited, they are all straight from the camera.  I haven't even begun to tackle editing yet!)  1/20   14

In this endeavor, I am the only one who can let myself down.  It's always going to be easy to come up with excuses but the reality is that excuses will get you no where.  Excuses will get you a photo so overly exposed that you cannot even tell what it is supposed to be.  Life will always throw something in you way, but nothing can replace a little hard work and dedication.  I choose to work hard.

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