Saturday, March 10, 2012

Projects: Before

I have decided that I need a project, that I can also incorporate photography into.  So, I sought out some inspiration on the many blogs that I follow.  A lot of these blogs have numerous DIY projects and I decided to start my own!  Not having a specific project in mind, the hubby and I went to Goodwill last night to be inspired.  Luckily, inspiration stuck fairly quickly!  I found the most adorable jewelry box for $2.99 that will be beautiful with a little work.  I am going to strip, repaint, then antique this jewelry box for a great vintage feel!  I realize this is a tiny project, but I have not taken on something like this and I am very excited to see how it turns out!  Of course on any "before and after" project, you need before pictures to show the object you will be transforming.  I took this as a photographic opportunity and headed outside with my jewelry box to work on my manual shooting.  Once again, as before, I started out with a way overly exposed picture.  1/60  f/5.6  ISO 100.  I quickly realized that because it was so sunny, I needed to go to a higher aperture number so that the hole in my lens letting the light in would be smaller.  I was letting way too much light in which was causing the over-exposure.

After a few more test shots, I found an exposure I was happy with.  For reference, these pictures were taken approximately 11:00 AM on a bright, sunny day.  In these first shots, the sun was directly behind me. 
1/640  f/5.0

I then moved my jewelry box around for a new challenge so that the sun would be in front of me.  This makes a difference because the light would not be shining directly on the front of the box.  To adapt to this, I lowered my aperture number to 1/400 so that more light would be let in and the object would be lighted enough.
1/400  f/6.3 

I will provide an update once I have started taking on this project!

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